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Definitions Collection

Color: Gold Filled
Gold Filled
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold Filled
Necklace Length: 16"
Customization: Gratitude
We all need reminders to be mindful. Our Definition Collection contains seven powerful words that can encourage you to embrace every aspect of life. Sometimes we need to slow down and recognize all that we have and all that we can give.

Gratitude -This necklace is a reminder to focus on what you have, not what you lack. When you are ready to show appreciation, your love for life will grow. Share your gratitude, as it fuels a desire to give back.

Kindness -Kindness is contagious. The impact of your kindness could make its way around the world. Kindness comes from your heart, so wear it close with this necklace.

Intention -The intention necklace will inspire you to continue with purpose. Intention is an asset that uses mindfulness to produce more impactful actions. Recalling intention in the ruts of life’s monotony will help you find meaning in everything you do. 

Fearless -This necklace represents a freedom from fear, a symbol of bravery. When you let fearlessness lead, fear can no longer interfere with your growth. Free yourself from the fearful limits you impose on yourself. 

Worthy -Potential creates worth, which is as limitless as you believe it to be. This necklace is a simple reminder that you are worthy of love, no matter what.

Passion -Passion is a powerful emotion within that can yield great results when expressed. This necklace will motivate you to find or create passion. A life driven by passion is a life full of power and color.

Remember -This necklace is a tangible symbol of memory. We are composed of memory. Remember the impactful people and moments. Remember all the emotions that you have learned through, even the painful ones. Live to experience and create new memories. Instead of trying to live in the past, allow your memories to live on by becoming a part of you in your present.

Model is wearing size 17" chain.
  • Make it your own by including what you would like hand stamped.
  • Available in either 14K Gold Filled or .925 Sterling Silver
  • Free shipping on all orders $50+. All Custom orders are final.
  • Layers perfect with the Custom Satellite Chain Choker or Dainty Disc Necklace.
  • Made in Honor of our son Royce. A portion of this piece is donated to the Children's Hospital.